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New Research Study Says- Canada and New Zealand most unstable Economies; Show Housing Bubble Signs

New Research study reveals that the most unprotected economic countries with regards to correction in house prices are Canada and New Zealand. Other countries raising warnings are the UK and Australia.

Niraj Shah, the Economist, tried to create a dashboard for the housing bubble and included various subjects such as house price ratio, house price-income ratio, real house prices, and credit to households. He studied the ratios of house price rent and house price income and also examined real house prices and households credit.

The result of the study revealed, New Zealand and Canada ranked top in the dashboard and considered as one of the most unstable paths. The housing price was compared with the wages and noticed highest across the world in both nations. Other nations that are raising signals are Norway, Australia, Sweden, and Australia, Shah mentioned.

Policymakers might have taken the necessary steps to deal with it. Government of Canada has presented ‘tax on foreign buyers.’ New Zealand has imposed a ban on foreign purchases. As the Federal Reserve and various central banks plan to reduce interest rates, the next big challenge will be if housing price continues to rise or fall.

Shah mentioned, “There’s a risk that a global round of monetary easing may fuel housing bubbles. While central bankers are focused on avoiding a global economic downturn, looser monetary policy could sow the seeds of the next crisis.”

As per index including 57 economies, house prices had reached its highest level during the last financial crisis, and now they have simply managed to reach the highest level.

Electroneum Price Analysis: Electroneum (ETN) Quoted as Eco-Friendly Blockchain Network

Electroneum is now becoming one of the eco-friendly blockchains. After releasing the latest protocol of Proof of responsibility, it has reduced the energy consumption of mining from 14 million light bulbs to just one light bulb. ETN is definitely working for the benefit of people and nature. Earlier users understand this concept; better will be the visibility of Electroneum!

ETN to BTC Price Comparison

The ETN price is trading at 0.00000047 BTC at 05:52 UTC time on 13th July 2019. The other essential calculated factors are as follows:

  • Return on Investment: -93.97%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 9,732,657,574 ETN / 9,732,657,574 ETN
  • 24-Hour Volume: 245,861 USD
  • Market Cap: 55,445,756 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.007045 USD / 0.004724 USD

In past 5 days, the ETN price on 8th July at 09:15 UTC was trading at 0.00000058 against BTC. The value dropped by 27.63% on 10th July at 15:25 UTC trading at 0.00000042 BTC. Then value increased by 14.37% on 11th July at 13:05 UTC time with a trading value of 0.00000048 against BTC.

Electroneum price then dropped by 8.32% on 12th July at 07:35 UTC time trading at 0.00000044 against BTC.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion

Electroneum has been in the news these days! And why not, not only it is becoming one of the secure platforms, but eco-friendly too! Many crypto followers might have turned their head to ETN already, which might help in improving the market ranking of the coin soon enough.

And with the end of 2019 approaching, we might see the value fluctuating around 0.00000075 BTC!


Microsoft Announces More Investments to Strengthen Opportunities for Its Partners

When it comes to the biggest tech companies in the world, they are almost always known for innovation, great products and lastly, development of key partnerships that allow them to grow at a breakneck pace for decades. In that regard, Microsoft has been one such company for as long as the company has existed. It all started with the licensing of the Windows software to computer manufacturers worldwide, that made the company wildly successful and since then, Microsoft has continued to foster partnerships that have now helped it become the world’s only trillion-dollar company currently.

In a new development, the company has announced that it is now going to make fresh investments in a range of programs as well as technologies, in order to significantly boost the partner ecosystem. It is a bold move from the world preeminent tech company and one that is almost certainly aimed at the long term well being of Microsoft as a whole.  The company went on to state that its latest initiative will have more of a focus on the partners who have collaborated with the company in the cloud business. It is a smart move, considering the fact that the company’s cloud service named Azure has grown quite quickly and is well on its way to becoming the main competitor to the market leader, Amazon Web Services.

One of the top executives at Microsoft, who is involved in this initiative, is Gavriella Schuster. She said, “Customers and partners alike continue to move to the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation, leading us to new and different levels of partnership. Our portfolio of programs, offers, and resources for companies partnering with Microsoft is transforming to help them capitalize on this opportunity.” The companies co-sell program is one of the more interesting developments in this area, and although it was flagged off only 24 months ago, it has managed to generate as much as $9.5 billion in revenues for partners. It is believed that the company is going to introduce more such measures that could unlock enormous value for all Microsoft partners.

Ripple Price Analysis: Ripple (XRP) Faces Constant Price Drop From Past 2 Days!

Ripple seems to get caught as well in the last 2 days dips. XRP price is trading below the baseline again, which might be a concern for the traders in the network. We hope that it does not lose its place. Considering the market ranking of the same, XRP might be one of the promising cryptocurrencies for the investors.

Currently, the value of XRP is trading at $0.32542 at 05:42 UTC on 12th July 2019. The other factors are as follows:

  • Return on Investment: 5473.30%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 99,991,588,101 XRP/ 42,566,596,173 XRP
  • 24-Hour Volume: 1,811,004,057 USD
  • Market Cap: 13,934,884,689 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.408374 USD / 0.322926 USD

XRP to USD Price Comparison

In the last 5 days, almost every other coin is reflecting the similar trend. And the last 2 days are imitating major drops in the market. On 7th July at 16:00 UTC, the lowest was first seen at $0.38877. However, in the next two days, the value was surging upright witha trading value of $0.40775 on 9th July at 00:20 UTC as the highest touchdown.

However, the value dropped by 15.09% on 10th July at 15:25 UTC time trading at $0.3462. And yesterday, the value went further down at $0.31678. However, there has been a slight increase of 2.8% from then as of now.

Ripple Price Prediction and Conclusion

Ripple is showing a strong bearish trend that means ‘buying’ the coins might be an opportunity right now. XRP coin has been one of the favorites in the cryptocurrencies, so this might be a good time for the new traders to jump in! If you have been waiting long to add Ripple in your portfolio, this might be a good time to bring your thoughts into action.

And if the trend surges in the upward direction in the long run, it might reach up to its major resistance level of $0.40.

Reckitt Accepts to pay $1.4 billion penalty to close opioid treatment sales Investigation

Reckitt Benckiser agrees to pay a penalty of worth $1.4 billion to settle the investigation of opioid addiction treatment.

Nurofen and Durex manufacturer mentioned that the company has managed to reach a deal with the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission of US so as to solve the long-running investigation related to marketing and sales of an opioid medicine Suboxone Film.

Reckitt Benckiser’s subsidiary, Indivior marketed an opioid drug used to treat people addicted to painkillers. The US federal officers allege that the business acquired by Reckitt till 2014, made baseless allegations of advanced version, Suboxone, which is an anti-addiction medicine from 2006 to 2015.

The agreement reached is one of the biggest deals reached by any other drug company. Back in 2007, another company, Purdue Pharma, was the second largest company to pay a penalty of worth $600 million. Purdue manufactured OxyContin also an opioid medicine.

The deal reached is worth more than $400 million that was maintained separately by the consumer goods group in order to cover the investigations amount; expert mentions it might allow the new CEO of the firm to consider across turnaround plan.

JP Morgan experts mentioned in a note “As new CEO Laxman Narasimhan steps in (effective Sept. 1), this clarifies the legal environment for RB and should allow the new management to focus on the RB 2.0 transformation.”

The US federal grand jury of Virginia had stated Indivior and ordered to pay a penalty of around $3 billion across claims that it requested to increase Suboxone sales; it is one of the best-selling medicines along with a false marketing scheme.

Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention mentions that the Reckitt’s deal is the largest one till now and has taken lives of around 200,000 US citizens, and almost 2 million Americans are suffering from opioid use disorder.

Reckitt was successful in resolving the case with the US officials and did not agree of any wrongdoing.

Reckitt stated in a statement, “While RB acted lawfully at all times and expressly denies all allegations that it has engaged in any wrongful conduct, after careful consideration, the board of RB determined that the agreement is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.”

The FTSE 100 Company stated, after careful examination, the board members considered that the deal is in the interest of the company and its shareholders. It eliminates the costs, uncertainty, and disturbance related to continued inquiry and the potential for an allegation.

Reckitt shares increased to 3.3 percent on Thursday.

So as to regain the confidence of its investor after facing difficulties including safety scam in South Korea, unsuccessful product launch and a cyber-attack,  existing CEO Rakesh Kapoor decided to launch a plan by dividing the group into two separate units, one unit related to health and another for hygiene and home products.

But investors were worried about the US investigations that could hamper the transformation of the company.

Investment director of AJ Bell, Russ Mould has appreciated the agreement reached by the company and mentioned that the amount could restrict the new CEO Narsimhan’s capability to take essential investments in RB.

Analysts Believe Jeff Bezos Owned Amazon Could Hit the $1 Trillion Mark Again

Around a decade and a half ago, nobody would have imagined that Amazon was going to become one of the most valuable companies in the world. However, the e-commerce giant managed to turn all those expectations on their heads as it grew at a relentless pace over the years and went on to become one of the world’s strongest companies. Last year, the company reached another landmark when it briefly touched a valuation of $1 trillion on the stock market, but then it retreated from those levels due to a range of factors.

In 2019, the Amazon stock has been in the middle of an amazing run and analysts believe that if it can continue to maintain the momentum, then it would not be long before the stock manages to hit that $1 trillion sweet spot again. As of the close of market on Wednesday, the market cap of Amazon stood at a staggering $993 billion and the rise is down to the massive gains that the company has made since May. Since May, the Jeff Bezos owned e-commerce giant has added a staggering $119 billion to its market cap and in this regard, it is important to note that around 50% of those gains were achieved in the last week. All of this means that the company is now n the middle of an excellent upward momentum and looks primed to hit the $1 trillion mark that it last hit in September 2018.

Hence, it is quite clear that the company is now tantalizingly close to the magic figure and from its current levels, it would need a rise of less than a percent to reach the $1 trillion market cap. It will also be a significant deal for Amazon as it would then be able to catch up with rival Microsoft, which remains the only company with a market cap of $1 trillion at the moment. Considering the fact that the two companies are now involved in an intense battle for supremacy in the cloud services space, it would be something that Amazon would definitely want.

EOS Price Analysis: EOS falls again at $5.12, next few days critical for the coin

EOS has maintained a slight uptrend since the beginning of this month and looked like it would continue to grow further. However, it could not survive the trend, and since 4-July-19 till 7-July-17 the coin did not manage to gain back its efficiency and prices were or the downward trend but the only exception being on 6-July-19 wherein it manages to rise, but it was for a short term only. If EOS has managed to break the bears run, it would have been smooth sailing for the coin now. Today as on 20:15 the coin rose as high as $5.84 before seeing a drastic fall at 21:00 wherein price fell to the lowest point of $5.12. With EOS’s serious issues with centralization, we anticipate that EOS will continue with the downward movement without any major steep rise in the price.

Let us observe the EOS to USD price comparison:

Current Statistics of EOS:

  • As per 02:34 UTC today, Market Cap of EOS coin was 4,810,316,761 USD.
  • The EOS price is trading at $5.18 as per 1:30 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume is $3,347,825,492.
  • 922,705,332 EOS coins are at present in circulation.
  • ROI of EOS stands at 406.28%.

EOS Price Prediction:

Comparing the price of EOS from 5-July-19 at 02:15 UTC wherein price was $5.67 and today’s prices, the movement of the coin reflects a decline by 8%. The price of EOS will not change much over the next day to come. After a period of a week, we anticipate that EOS might gain back its stability and reach $5.45 with a change of around 5% as per its pivot value. Post 6 months will prove to be a good phase for the coin as it may reach up to $10.


EOS can be traded today in the range of $5.10 and $5.40. It is advisable to wait for a week’s time before EOS turns back the bearish run and then accordingly purchase new coins when the prices become stable. It is imperative to retain the coins for a longer period of time as short terms gains may not be that fruitful. The Chaikin Money flow indicator also highlights that the movement of the coin is bearish, and it may be remain in this trend for another few days.

Microsoft And Amazon To Battle For Mega Pentagon Cloud Contract Worth $10 Billion

When it comes to lucrative contracts, then nothing can quite beat those who are connected to the defense sector in the United States. The simple reason behind that is the fact that the United States remains the biggest defense spender in the world by a distance and getting a piece of that action can be highly lucrative for any company. In a new development, the Pentagon has decided to upgrade its artificial intelligence capabilities in order to enhance its war capabilities and for that, a big cloud computing contract is going to be made available.

However, when it comes to cloud services, there are only two companies which have the wherewithal to take up a $10 billion contract, which is meant for the United States’ war capabilities. One is the market leader Amazon with its Amazon Web Services, while the other is Microsoft’s Azure. Although AWS is clearly the market leader by some distance, Azure has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The contract is being called the ‘war cloud contract,’ and the two tech giants are expected to fight to the finish to grab this lucrative contract. The contract is going to assign one company only and in the earlier rounds, two other giants, IBM and Oracle, went out of the race.

Earlier on it had been the consensus among most experts that Amazon was the clear favorites and was going to walk away with the contract. However, things have changed since then amid whispers that the Pentagon and the top executives at Amazon have been far too friendly over the past months. On the other hand, Microsoft has managed to grow its cloud business significantly and has also been able to enhance its reputation as a company which is perfectly capable of meeting the stringent requirement of Pentagon with regards to national security. An executive at a defense think tank spoke about this contract. He said, “This is not your grandfather’s internet. You’re talking about a cloud where you can go from the Pentagon literally to the soldier on the battlefield carrying classified information.”

ETN Moving Right and Thereby Improving the Market Position

ETN announced for its users that they can log back to Liquid Global, in case of deposits or withdrawals with ETN. After the software update, the block rewards have been reduced by 75% quoting ETN to be most eco-friendly crypto right now.

Price Analysis of ETN on 10th May 2019

ETN is currently trading at $0.006321 at 07:02 UTC as on 10th July 2019. The other factors contributing to the positioning of the coin are mentioned below:

  • Return of Investment: -93.31%
  • Market Ranking: 108
  • 24 Hour Volume: 496,821 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 61,494,950 USD
  • Total supply/ Circulating Supply: 9,729,042,499 ETN/ 9,729,042,499 ETN
  • 7 Day high/ low: 0.007045 USD/ 0.004435 USD


The lowest in past 5 days was seen on 6th July at 00:35 UTC time trading at 0.00000041 BTC. The value was escalated by 41.03% on 8th July at 08:25 UTC, trading at 0.00000058 BTC. Some investors might have made profit by then. But on the same day within 24 hours, the value of coin had enough fluctuations in its trading value. At 11:10 UTC time, the value was dropped by 20.17% trading at 0.00000046 BTC. Within next few hours, the value was increased again by 19.71% at 15:00 UTC trading at 0.00000055 BTC.

However, the value saw the constant drop after that. Coming to 9th July at 21:45 UTC time, the value dropped by 14.67% and the coin was trading at 0.00000047.

Prediction and Conclusion

ETN seems to be surging right as it is following the bullish attribute from quite some time now. For new traders, you must watch the trend closely if you are thinking to add ETN in your portfolio. For existing traders, they might be enjoying some profits already. You might want to hang in there as the price might rise up for some time soon.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Continue To Rise, Showing Uptrend

BCH was being dominated by the bulls and was reflecting consistent performance prior to 4-July-19. Since the latter part of the day, the prices began to fall and fell as low as $391 on 5-July-19. The coin did manage to bounce back and turn around the bearish dominance, however, could not survive at the highest level of $427.7. While writing this analysis also, the prices were falling and were at the level of $420.1. The way the coin is moving, the bears will dominate the coin for another few weeks to come post which it will fight back its position and manage to overshadow the current scenario.

Let us look at the overall performance of Bitcoin Cash:

Current Statistics of BCH:

  • As per 9:54 UTC today, the market cap of the coin was 7,512,601,469 USD.
  • Price of the coin is $420.1 as per 10:45 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume is $1,584,500,396.
  • 17,882,000 BCH coins are at present in circulation.
  • Current ROI of Bitcoin Cash stands at -24.61%.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction & Conclusion:

As per today’s price of $427.7 at 07:30 UTC and a price of $420.1 as per 10:35 UTC, the trend of the coin reflects a price decline of marginal 1%. As per the current trend, we anticipate that BCH may fall but not drastically and reach $417.37 by the end of the day tomorrow. It is suggested to purchase new BCH coins now since it is cheaper and retain for at least 2 and more years as will prove to be a good investment. Existing coins at hand need to be retained for at least one-month post which investors may decide to sell them off. MACD indicator also seconds that the movement of the coin will be a downward trend. The number of coins has been an overbought a couple of times over the past 5 days but now seems to be on the neutral side.

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