Choosing Right Forex Partner: Things You Should Know

3 years ago

It is really surprising to see the high level of competition in the retail forex segment. There are a number of brokers offering the facility of forex trading and the increasing number of service providers has made it difficult for a new trader to decide which one to select and which one to reject. This is indeed a difficult situation and in order to help you make the right decision, we list some of the guidelines that you should take into consideration while selecting a forex broker.

Do Research

It is always advisable that you must do some research and get a little deeper into the things about the broker that you want to select for your forex trading. This will provide you the information and a first-hand idea about the broker while giving you the clarity on how to proceed ahead. Remember, choosing from the Best Forex brokers wisely will help you to maximize your profit while minimizing the cost factor involved in the process.

Range of Products and Services:

The range of products and services offered by the broker is an important criterion you must consider while selecting the service provider. A broker with a wide range of services is usually preferred because that speaks about the reputation and capabilities of its trading platform. You should obtain the information about various add-on facilities provided by the broker, which will help you in the long term to realize the profit.

Trust Factor

The trustworthiness of the broker is one of the most important parameters that you should consider in the very first place. After all, it is not an intelligent decision to park your money with the broker who lacks credibility and authenticity. Checking the genuineness of the broker is not a difficult task as you can easily avail the services of different regulatory agencies in order to ensure that the broker is registered and well compliant with all statutory provisions and regulatory norms.

Trading Platform

There is a world of difference when it comes to the trading platforms offered by different brokers. Many of us commit the mistake of not paying enough attention to the platform offered for the trading by the broker, and in the process, we won’t be able to realize the maximum benefits from our investment.  While selecting a broker, make sure its trading platform offers a user-friendly interface, easy to analyze charts and graphics tools, free market analysis and news feed, and experts’ views on the latest happenings in the forex market. All these tools will help you tremendously in saving your time while making you a better investor in the future.

Trading Style

Different traders have different trading styles. While some like to take a high risk during trading, others are more content with an incremental approach by investing a small amount of money at regular intervals. Depending upon the nature of your investment strategy, you should look for a forex broker that complements your trading style. It hardly makes any sense to choose a trading platform that is focused on high-risk opportunities while your investment strategy revolves around the additive process of putting the money.

Transaction Cost

The cost of trading is undoubtedly an important factor when it comes to choosing the broker. Transaction costs are part of the process and every time you trade; you need to pay a transaction fee to the trading platform. Therefore, it makes sense that you try to choose a trading platform that offers competitive rates for the trading process. Of course, you need to be careful about the security aspect of the platform as many brokers who offer low transaction costs are not reliable in terms of their safety mechanisms and security provisions. Hence, taking a decision only based on transaction costs is also not a good strategy to pursue.


Easy deposit and withdrawal are one of the primary requisites that an investor is looking for while selecting a trading platform. A broker must arrange the facilities that will allow an investor to deposit or withdraw money at any point in time without any kind of technical or administrative glitches. Any platform which doesn’t support the seamless withdrawal or deposition of the money should be avoided by the investor.

Customer Service

Customer service is also an important part as many times due to the various technical glitches or regulatory issues; investors need the help of the trading platform to know the status of their investments, limit on the withdrawal or deposition of money, etc. Having good customer service is especially helpful in such times for alleviating the concerns of investors. Reliable and proactive customer service also adds to the credentials of the broker and helps the platform to win over the customers.

Execution Speed

Speed and percentage of the execution of orders rank high on the desirable list of the customers. There shouldn’t be any delay between placing the order and execution of the order, as even a slight difference can make a substantial difference in the value of the investment. Along with speed, the high percentage of the successful order execution is going to add to the credibility of the broker and trading platform.

Desk/No-desk Broker

Another important distinction that you need to make is to decide between whether to go for a dealing desk broker or no dealing desk broker. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and depending upon your requirement, you need to take a call on deciding what kind of services you want. Similarly, the margin and the leverage considerations also constitute one of the important parameters of choosing a broker and platform.


The selection of a forex broker is an important decision that must be preceded by comprehensive research and verification of the facts. You need to remember that your investment will be able to generate desirable profits for you only when you have chosen the right kind of a forex broker, like forex broker Australia for the Australian region, and hence, the decision requires careful scrutiny of the facts and figures before you go ahead and start your Forex trading. All the guidelines given above are sure to help you in selecting the right Forex broker and realize maximum benefits for your investment.