– Affiliate Marketing And Advertising Strategist

4 years ago

Despite a global economic crisis, the crypto market has continued to grow strongly that has gained traditional and institutional investors’ attention. The pandemic was a challenge for everyone, but it has opened up many opportunities for investors in the blockchain industry.

The crypto market is the only one that has increased fivefold by more than 200% in the last Six or Seven months. This popularity of the Crypto Investment market has given rise to the new angle towards the fundamental concept of Affiliate Marketing called Crypto Affiliate Marketing & Advertising.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Crypto Affiliate Marketing is a marketing tactic embraced by companies that is very much well-planned and organized to increase their revenue and market share via its affiliates’ marketing efforts in the Crypto Investment Market Worldwide. Further, the burgeoning popularity of Cryptocurrencies, and Affiliate Marketing, has given rise to the new marvel of ‘Crypto Affiliate Marketing.’

In a nutshell, an affiliate agency undertakes the marketing & advertising work for a brand. It enabled a fixed commission if the campaign leads to successful sales and revenue amongst the Crypto investors and the market. The basic method and operational process of Cryptocurrency Affiliate marketing are almost similar to Affiliate marketing, where marketers will get a commission if their crypto marketing campaigns complete successfully. There are mainly three entities involved, namely, a brand, an affiliate marketer, and a consumer.

Affiliate Marketer dealing with Crypto organizations is also known as Crypto-Publisher, which can be an individual or a company that efficiently attracts the customers and sells and markets the products or services on behalf of the Crypto trading company. The only differentiation aspect is the payment approach adopted by this affiliate program associated with cryptocurrencies, where the affiliate marketer will get a commission in cryptocurrencies or standard fiat currencies. This crypto affiliate marketing concept is equally beneficial for both the affiliate marketers and Crypto trading companies.


Gladio was formed by five experts possessing multiple skills with an initial goal of using guerrilla marketing strategy and a distinctive technique built over a decade to improve quality customers. It provides all solutions for Generic and Crypto Market Organisations seeking to build their customer relationships, amplify their reputation, and achieve optimized outcomes. It works on a model of Cost-Per-Action campaigns to magnify their sales & revenues. It gives strategic solutions from traditional marketing tactics for solving the problems faced by advertisers & publishers. encompasses a wide range of features and services in its kitty for its customers. For advertisers who want a high conversion from lead generation, Gladio mainly advocates CPA campaigns for them. It has distinctive cutting-edge features that break through the competition, and the platform’s services benefit customers and Gladio itself either directly or indirectly.

Gladio’s Distinctive Features and Services

  • It has organizational policies and a dedicated finance team that ensure fair cum competitive payouts and flexible payment in the market.
  • It holds goal-based strategic programs based on its in-depth analysis and deep research of the current trends that pass the exact message and generate specific results from the targeted audience.
  • Gladio being one of the global market leaders in the marketing and advertising space. Thus, it has access to over a billion users worldwide, which guarantees a global outreach and massive exposure to its customers.
  • It provides its customers with 24/7 support services, i.e., round-the-clock assistance to its publishers to help them solve their problems.
  • Gladio also provides dedicated account managers to its every customer irrespective of the source and size for both generic and crypto affiliate customers.
  • Gladio assures sure to shoot credible and expected outcomes because it provides solutions with strategic engineering capabilities to develop systems as per customer’s relevance and requirement.
  • Its platform identifies the user’s interest and their active time. Hence, it could be able to reach the right audience. Therefore, increasing the chances of effective market penetration.
  • It commits its customer with Advanced result-focused options.
  • One of its main features is the continuous and authentic tracking system of the market trends such as demographics, interests, intents, etc.., to provide optimizing results to its customers and associates.
  • Gladio has a set of diverse platforms for marketing and advertising campaigns because of its global widespread reach, which leads to providing its customers with the best strategic and effective results.
  • Besides providing a highly secured trading platform for its customers, it also considers the data confidentiality aspect. Therefore, it maintains complete confidentiality of its publisher’s data once registered with them during the campaign and even after the marketing and advertising campaign is over.