Coinitix: A Decentralized Hub Transforming Crypto Trading

4 years ago

Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the global financial system after facing the ups and downs of the domain for more than a decade. Where the exposure to cryptocurrencies amongst people increased substantially, the need for a secured trading interface for the assets popped up as a serious concern. This led to the launch of crypto trading exchange portals that helped people buy, sell, or store their digital assets for future transactions. Today, we can find a wide range of crypto exchanges offering best-in-class digital services to customers worldwide. One such revolutionary digital asset exchange is Coinitix that comes packed with a wide spectrum of the latest tools and services for the customers.

Trading in cryptocurrencies can be a tough nut for the investors as the domain is new, and people do not have complete knowledge about the price and market trends. This loophole has stopped a huge class of traders who felt insecure about their money. Thankfully, the Coinitix exchange is a fresh solution to all the doubts and confusions of crypto lovers. The exchange adopts a simple, user-friendly, yet effective trading interface that helps users indulge in secured crypto dealing. One of the best features of Coinitix exchange is its ability to support the purchasing of Bitcoin using credit cards. It not only offers the basic facilities provided by any other exchange in the market but gives access to unique services that make it stand apart from the competitors.

Salient Features of Coinitix Exchange

1. Quick Payouts

Anyone dealing in money knows the value of time. Coinitix understands this, and so offers an interface that gives fast payouts to the customers without any delay or hassle. There is no lag time, which does not require investors to wait to get their money in their wallets. The quick payout service certainly adds a bonus point for Coinitix.

2. Transparent Fee Charges

The exchange follows a systematic fee structure. There are no hidden charges levied on the investors or buyers by Coinitix. The commission layout set by the portal favors the investors’ interests and helps them to avoid extra burden on their financial setups.

3. Good Customer Service

You can avail of the benefit of 24×7 customer service offered by Coinitix when in need. The platform provides support to multiple languages to cater to the clients’ requirements in a more friendly way. The users can send their issues via email or online chat to get instant solutions from the team.

4. Full Regulatory Control

Coinitix exchange is thoroughly regulated and has a license for offering digital currency services from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of Estonia. The customers can be assured of the high-end security and safety of their assets on the exchange.

5. Quick Verification Process

The verification system, followed by Coinitix, is pretty simple. It facilitates fast data processing, and this is evident in their verification process. The fully automated software helps in easy onboarding and fast reconciliation for the traders. All you need to do is to:

  • Create your account on the portal.
  • Get verified by the team by fulfilling the necessary protocol requirements of the exchange.
  • Start buying Bitcoin safely.


The world of cryptocurrencies is highly dynamic, which increases the responsibility of the customers to act more prudently when dealing. Coinitix exchange can work as a guiding force for all those new to the crypto space. The exchange is studded with the best tools that ensure security, transparency, and immutability of funds.