Do forex traders in Dubai enjoy tax exemption?

1 year ago

With globalization’s advent, the business has taken up an entirely new dimension over the past decade. Subsequently, the exchange of currencies between various nations has turned inevitable. However, it is a universally known fact that the value of currencies constantly fluctuates, the causes behind it being numerous. Here is where the methodology of forex trading peeks in. By forex trading, we mean “Foreign Exchange trading”, in which two parties are involved who swap a foreign currency in place of another at a previously decided rate.

Though the Dubai government doesn’t impose the practice of individual taxation, corporate tax is to be paid by foreign banks and oil manufacturers. Being thoughtful of the environment, the government levies taxes on those goods that are injurious either to the physical health of individuals or the natural surroundings. However, Value Added Tax, commonly known as the VAT, is being imposed on a wide range of merchandise or facilities.

This particular article focuses on Dubai’s basic taxation system, forex trading, and the taxation connected with the same. Furthermore, it throws light on the merits and demerits of carrying out forex trading in Dubai. In case you are among those looking forward to carrying out forex trading in Dubai, this article will undoubtedly be the wholesome guide for the same.

Comprehending Taxation Norms in Dubai

Dubai’s tax system – an overview: Anybody dwelling in Dubai, bearing a UAE residence visa, is eligible to be its resident, who can eventually enhance his taxations. The Dubai government levies the below-mentioned taxes.

  • Income tax – Individual taxation isn’t imposed here, inclusive of pension tax.
  • Tourist tax – Hotels, restaurants, and resorts levy tax on foreign tourists, which comprise municipal tax, hotel tax, city tax, service fee, and tourist fee. The tax rate on tourists in Dubai is 7%. However, it varies with other UAE countries. 
  • Corporate tax – VAT (value added tax) of 5% is made mandatory for those firms with income of more than AED 375,000. Excise tax is levied on companies that produce, import, or stock goods that threaten man’s health or the surrounding environment.
  • Import and export tax – Varies based on the nature of imported goods and is commonly 5% of its price, logistics, and insured value. Injurious goods like alcohol, tobacco, and others are levied 50-100%.

The Dubai government concentrates on attracting migrants to business with them and thereby improving their economy. However, migrants ought to pay 100 dirhams on a yearly basis to extend their national ID. With many migrants dwelling in Dubai, their national ID renewals make the government operational. Likewise, most of the migrants prefer to live in rented dwellings, for which the Dubai government levies a tax of 5% from the income generated by receiving rent. However, besides this tax, there also exists a council tax levied on the particular property, making the dream of possessing properties as assets an expensive happening! Council tax also includes the tax on electricity bills, cash collected at tolls, income generated from parking lots, and so on. Dubai, a land teeming with tourist spots, attracts numerous tourists across the globe throughout the year. An ample sum is levied as a tourist visa processing fee, which adds to their revenue. Moreover, everyone flying off from Dubai is expected to pay a considerable amount, by which the airport maintenance expenses are met. All products except oil are imported here, and import duties are levied based on the intensity of their obligation to Islamic laws.

Understanding Forex Trading in Dubai

Dubai provides one of the biggest trading pools for local and internationally-based forex marketing in Middle Eastern countries. While the locally operating forex brokers are managed by the Central Bank of UAE, the Securities and Commodities Authorities (SCA) supply all the licenses pertaining to their brokerages. Additionally, those accommodated in the financial-free zone, like the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), are managed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The forex brokers in the UAE market are enormous and provide financial accounts specific to Islamic trading without any everyday instant swap charges structured by the SCA, like Century Financial and SMC Comex. Carrying out forex trading in Dubai is comparatively easier for reasons of making use of foreign or local brokers as per convenience.

As a prerequisite, the expenses involved to commence forex trading in Dubai is about AED 32,000, for which the one venturing into forex broking needs to be financially prepared. However, the prime requirement for Dubai forex brokers is UAE citizens. Secondly, a minimum of 60% of his entire paid capital must be under national shareholding. Yet another requirement is to own a share capital of AED 50,000 at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). It is to be noted that this particular sum is to be deposited at the bank, and ensure you produce the bank statement. 

Along with these, the other required documents to be produced at the time of paperwork and evaluation of identity are a copy of the passport, a copy of the visa, and the document pertaining to the trade name. As a last requirement, a minimum capital amount between one and three million Dirhams, based on the sort of tasks, is essential. All these requirements guarantee the authenticity that the organized forex brokers in Dubai offer valuable services to their privileged clients.

Taxations involved in Forex Trading in Dubai

Here is a glimpse of the taxation involved in Forex trading in the nation of Dubai. Taxation laws in Dubai pertaining to forex trading completely vary from those existing in other nations. By saying “Dubai is void of taxes”, it means that all the profits in capital obtained through forex trading in Dubai are entitled to an absolute tax exemption applicable exclusively to UAE residents. As an outcome, the familiarity of the retail forex market has shown a marked spike over the past handful of years, which in turn has made numerous proprietary forex trading firms operate across the UAE. 

This has also paved the way for further expansion of forex trading in Dubai, overcoming constraints in geographical boundaries and time; forex trading can now be carried out round the clock on all days except weekends. The UAE runs about 45 free trade zones, most of which are concentrated in Dubai. In spite of the countless positive benefits for shareholders and business tycoons operating at the free trade zones, products brought in at these zones are exempted from import taxation unless they are carried into the local market.

As insisted above, forex trading is absolutely tax-free in Dubai. It appears shocking to believe this, but it’s undeniably authentic. Being an Islamic city, Dubai prioritizes abiding by the Sharia regulations. Sharia laws are framed to include people of various Islamic faiths. Moreover, Dubai is a nation that’s amicable and genuine in all its approaches. The city is indeed a living epitome of the fact that business, people, and subsequently, the well-being of public folks can thrive to unprecedented greater boundaries even in a tax-free environment. 

However, few taxes, like the tourist tax, corporate tax, and import-export tax, levied as per the norms, manage the funds for the government towards the well-being of the society. Certainly, Dubai has evolved to be a conspicuous city in the business realm such that everyone longs to be there to make their moments memorable and career successful.

Advantages of Forex Trading in Dubai

The taxation-free policy of forex trading in Dubai has made it expand considerably to a wider extent. The existing formalities like simplicity in enrollment regulations, too easily comprehensible platforms for the users, and the comparatively lesser deposits made at the moment of start-up have been bringing in more individuals to explore this business realm. Rather than other business ventures which demand a long list of documents to be submitted and legal formalities to be fulfilled, forex trading in Dubai is a piece of cake, and a huge bulk of interested folks benefit from it. The lack of taxes pertaining to income or corporate makes it even more beneficial. 

Being economically unaffected by a recession that inevitably happens in businesses makes forex trading in Dubai outstanding. Risks incurred lying within manageable limits, coupled with low-priced transaction costs and increased liquidity, urge many to be a part of it and, in turn, benefit from it. However, the existence of a trouble-free alternative course of action to tackle scenarios of being faked by the Dubai-based broker, which is exclusively available for Dubai-based dwellers, is indeed an untold boon. Dubai-based brokers monitored by local regulators are an additional security feature.

Owing to the reality of people becoming more cautious about being cautious about their monetary investments, Forex Trading turns out to be their favorite choice. The prime reason behind their choice is its procedure to establish themselves here, even with considerably low initial deposits, and its ease of use. Just like the ground reality in most businesses, Dubai’s existing business-oriented atmosphere aids its forex traders in reaching their goals at a faster pace by people being fascinated to be clients or shareholders. The manageable risks attached to forex trading in Dubai encourage people to carry out trade round the clock, irrespective of where in the world they are located. 

The minimal prerequisite to carrying out trading, excluding the registration procedures, choosing the right forex partner having a personal computer or a laptop, and uninterrupted internet connectivity, coupled with a meager amount of transactional charges. The numerous websites with the procedures furnished in them become handy even for a beginner to enroll himself as a forex trader with ease and thrive in it within a short duration.

Demerits of Forex Trading in Dubai

It is essential that we take a peek at the potential drawbacks of carrying out forex trading in Dubai. The subsequent few lines throw light on the same. Though the exchange markets existing in countries like Dubai, which practice forex trading in a tax-free administration, are expansive, they are undeniably under high risk. In spite of being permitted to carry out trade in trade-free zones, the prominent downside is they are being prohibited from executing direct trade with the existing local market. 

Huge, stringent, and exhaustive procedures, registrations, and best practices must be fulfilled by their own means, making trading outside UAE-free zones tedious. Being driven exclusively by brokers, the existence of lack of clarity on the underlying operations poses a serious disadvantage in forex marketing. The trader involved might not acquire his wholesome dominion over his own trade, might lag behind in getting the best price, or might be projected a restricted glimpse of trading scenarios because he is forced to rely only on what the broker conveys to him. Though this concern could be addressed by making contacts only with regulated brokers, it isn’t possible as the market chosen might not be abiding by the regulators’ instructions.

The majority of forex trading is impacted by a wide range of factors, with international economics or politics being the prime. It’s quite tough to examine such data and arrive at authentic decisions based on which further trading could proceed. Being forced to rely on such technical indicators is the leading cause for the existing unpredictable nature of forex trading. Forex trading can end up in utter loss overnight until a thorough knowledge of leverage, a well-organized allotment of capital, and tough emotional control are imbibed. 

Extra attention with prolonged dedication is given to self-learning to be successful, which is highly an impossible practice. This lack of knowledge owes to the reason behind many of the novice forex traders quitting right at the initial stage. With the unavailability of experts or skillful advisors to rely on or seek counsel from, forex traders are pushed to master on their own, which still lingers as an unaddressed demerit.


With forex trading expanding to carve a niche in the business realm in recent days, it is essential that the concerned forex brokers take utmost care in their endeavors. However, being void of taxation, forex trading in Dubai has greater scope for proliferation. The ability to indulge and survive in forex trading with minimal requirements makes this a unique trading practice.

Being attracted to carry out forex trading in Dubai is quite natural due to the underlying fact of forex trading being tax-free here. However, intense care is demanded from those venturing into it as beginners. With the right choice of forex broker and a consistent obligation to the regularized norms and principles, evident success is assured. 

However, reaching heights in trading is also contributed by practicing immensely proven trading plans in par with preparation for the same. All these, when flavored with clinging on to stringent discipline and skills imbibed from experts, guarantee a solid fortune! In a nutshell, Forex trading in Dubai is indeed a remunerative option for anyone with a sound financial backup, irrespective of the risks involved.