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Looking for a Safe Crypto Trading Platform? Log on to InvestXE

12 months ago

InvestXE Overview

InvestXE is an emerging crypto trading platform that offers traders access to more than 16000 markets worldwide. Various instruments starting from cryptocurrencies to soft commodities, energy commodities, currency options, and precious metals, can be traded on the platform. InvestXE was created with a mission to bring the entire trading class into the periphery of online crypto trading. The developers believe that online crypto trading should not only be limited to the elite class, but it should be made accessible for all traders irrespective of their trading experiences.

While making this InvestXE review, we went through every minute detail on the InvestXE, and there was not a single thing that went against the platform. As per the InvestXE reviews, the platform appeared to be a legit one that makes crypto trading an easier journey for everyone. While making the InvestXE review, we found out the following benefits that the platform provides to traders.

Benefits of Using InvestXE:

InvestXE Review- Benefits
InvestXE Review- Benefits

1) Simple to Use

As per the InvestXE review, the platform appears to be very user-friendly, with no technical jargon on its website. As a trader logs into the InvestXE website, he is directed to a record in page where he is asked some personal details like his full name, address, country code, and phone number. After that, the trader is asked to provide a strong password, preferably an alphanumeric password, to keep his log-in credentials protected from hackers. Once all these fields are filled in, an account is created in the trader’s name. From that point in time, he can log into the InvestXE website using those credentials and start trading bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on the InvestXE platform.

2) Education

InvestXE educates its clients in the best possible ways. At InvestXE, traders are exposed to a vast range of trading courses and webinars that cover essential topics like cryptocurrency trading, commodity trading, leveraging cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, market trends, and strategies, etc. once the traders enroll themselves in any of these topics, InvestXE sends regular updates on those topics via emails or SMSs to the traders. Traders are also privileged to take up online trading classes if that is convenient for them.

Moreover, InvestXE also provides individual mentorship if traders are more comfortable with that. It gives liberty to the traders to communicate with the trainer on a one-to-one basis. Traders are free to ask any question to the trainer without worrying what others might think or without worrying that other traders might laugh at his ignorance.

3) Multiple Accounts

There are three account types available on the InvestXE platform, and each account type can be catered to the specific needs of the traders. There are Primary accounts, Professional accounts, and AutoXE accounts. These three main account types can be further subdivided into sub-categories. For example, the Primary accounts, which cover more than 16000 asset classes under six heads, can also be classified into three categories, namely Standard Accounts, Progression Account, and Advanced Account. The minimum Bitcoin deposit required to open a Standard Account is 500 USDT. For the Progression account, the minimum BTC deposit is 5000 USDT, and for the Advanced account, the minimum BTC deposits required are 25,000 USDT.

The next main account type is the Professional account type that offers countless opportunities to traders like tighter spreads, upgraded information about trade signals directly sent to the traders’ phones via SMS or WhatsApp. Professional account types are further classified into Gold Accounts and Platinum accounts. Gold account holders can access various trading tools of InvestXE. They are also allowed access to the MarketPro 1.0 platform and bespoke sessions to make winning trades. The Minimum BTC deposit required to open the Gold account is 75000 USDT. The Platinum account, as the name hints, are for real conquerors. In addition to all the Gold account benefits, the Platinum account offers more exciting features like better spreads (lower by 5%) and exclusive access to VIP rooms. The minimum BTC deposit for opening a Platinum account is 150000 USDT.

The last main category is the AutoXE account, which allows traders to keep funds in their brokerage account itself, where they are also allowed to run automated trading strategies that the traders will choose. Traders can choose a single automated strategy to run on their brokerage account or run a combination of strategies. Traders also enjoy the privilege to start or stop the system at their convenience.

4) Multiple Instruments Can Be Traded

InvestXE Multiple Trade Instruments
InvestXE Multiple Trade Instruments

Unlike most crypto trading platforms that only allow crypto trading, InvestXE allows trading of multiple instruments, starting from soft commodities, forex, precious metals to energy commodities (both renewable and non-renewable), apart from cryptocurrencies. Over 16000 assets are categorized under each of these heads that can be traded on the InvestXE platform.

Soft commodities include cotton, sugar, soybeans, coffee, etc., with high market demands. As the soft commodities market is highly fluctuating, traders can take advantage of these price fluctuations and earn profits even during downtrends.

Forex or the currency option is the next instrument that can be traded on the InvestXE platform. InvestXE reviews various currency trading pairs before allowing for trading on the platform. Among the precious metals there are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. As these metals continuously grow in value in the passing years, they provide an exceptionally reliable and profitable trade.

Energy commodities include renewable (wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal) and non-renewable energy (oil, coal, and gas). The price of the energy commodities depends on several factors, like geopolitical situation, emerging technologies, or even weather conditions. Seasoned traders take advantage of these factors to reap the benefits of the price fluctuations and earn profits.

5) Compatible With Multiple Devices

To access the InvestXE platform, one does not need to sit before his laptops or desktops the whole day. Traders can keep track of the crypto market trends even while on the go. The trading platform is compatible with Android devices, iPhones, or tablets. There are separate apps that need to be installed on your different devices to access the InvestXE platform. For example, accessing InvestXE from your desktops requires installing the Web Trader app or the MarketPro 1.0 app. For accessing InvestXE on iPhone, users need to install the InvestXE iOS Trader app on their iPhones. For Tablets, they need to install the InvestXE Tablet Trader App, and lastly, for Android devices, they need to install the InvestXE Android trader app on their Android devices.

Users will get push notifications on their devices anywhere and everywhere; this helps traders to keep track of the crypto market even when they are not trading.

6) Help from Personal Relationship Managers

Cryptocurrency trading is very risky owing to its volatile nature, especially bitcoins. Therefore, whether bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies should be traded with the utmost caution; otherwise, it may lead to enormous losses for the traders. In such scenarios, where the first-time traders are always at risk, a relationship manager can guide them in the best ways. At InvestXE, experienced personal relationship managers take up the most challenging part of the entire crypto trading procedure. Traders can contact personal relationship managers by email, chats, or even via direct phone calls. The personal relationship managers help traders to identify common traps or hidden costs.

Then, in-house analysts provide secret trade tactics to the traders that they cannot get elsewhere as these secret tactics are only known to top industry experts. In-house analysts help the traders understand the crypto market’s inner workings, which allows them to understand the market complexities better. When traders already know the nooks and corners of the crypto market, they no longer feel surprised about the sudden drastic changes taking place in the crypto market; this is very helpful for both the novice traders and the seasoned ones.

7) Customer Support

InvestXE operates globally across 170 countries all over the world. Generally, for a crypto trading platform operating in so many countries, it often becomes exceedingly challenging to cater to every individual trader’s needs. But with InvestXE, it comes naturally. There is a customer support cell, i.e., available in multiple languages. The clients sitting in any corner of the world can get direct access to the customer support team available 24/7. Traders can contact the customer support team either by email or via WhatsApp or the cloud-based messaging app Telegram or even via direct phone calls.

The customer support email ids and phone numbers are mentioned on the website of InvestXE, and anyone logging into the website will get all the required information.

Is the InvestXE Platform Legit?

Yes, as per our InvestXE review, the platform appears to be a legit one. The platform is transparent and does not charge the trades any extra commission for trading. This is the very first finding that we got from reviewing the InvestXE platform. A platform so transparent has the lowest chance to be a bubble.

Moreover, the website of the InvestXE platform is very straightforward and does not involve any technical jargon. InvestXE website is very clear about its offerings, the instruments that it allows its clients to trade on the platform, or the extra services it provides to the users or the platforms compatible with the crypto trading platform.

If the InvestXE platform had not been legit, the website would not have been so clear that anybody, irrespective of his level of experience, can easily log into the website and find out every detail of the website just by going through the entire website once.

How to use InvestXE?

Using the InvestXE trading platform is relatively easy. Interested users can log into the website quite easily and start trading cryptocurrencies. Such an easy login procedure is only possible because of the easy user-interface of the platform. Traders only need to register their accounts on the InvestXE platform by filling in the official website’s online registration form. The form has some mandatory fields like full name, address, and phone number. After filling in all these details, the traders are directed to confirm a password for these login credentials so that the next time the trader can log into this website by providing these login credentials once more.

Is InvestXE Safe?

Yes, the InvestXE platform is safe as it appears from the various InvestXE reviews available online. There has not been any case reported establishing the crypto trading platform as a bubble. Though InvestXE has not been too old an exchange, it still has no negative records against it so far.

Wrap Up

Despite all the benefits that the InvestXE platform provides its clients, the company InvestXE does not guarantee its users profit from trading on this platform. It only provides users a safe platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Any decision taken by the traders is solely their responsibility, and the company does not owe any obligation to the trader if the trader loses.

Moreover, to avoid any kind of mishaps, the company does not accept any credit cards or fiat currencies to trade bitcoin. Funds need to be sent or received using the digital wallet. Therefore, traders must know the correct digital wallet address of each other to send or receive bitcoins.