Dash Initiates Price Recovery; Next Resistance to Look for is $116

4 years ago

Dash (DASH) has managed to upstage the bears though market volatility is continuing. The coin has had huge spells of the bullish run as visible from the seven-day price trend with the price of the coin hovering in the range between $105 – $135.

Dash Price Analysis

DASH cryptocurrency is still finding out ways of moving out of the bearish grip as observed from the seven-day price trend. The coin started on a high note on February 11 at $132.90. It fell to $130.34 on the next day showing a downswing of 2.07%. Then, the price of DASH coin started showing an upward trend and reached a high of $135.47 on February 13, and the upward movement was to the extent of 4.30%. With the volatility continuing, the currency again fell to $128.06 on the same day by 5.40%. On the next day, the currency managed an upward momentum and reached at $134.04 by 5.82% hike.

Dash (DASH) Price News

After reaching $134, DASH faced a steep fall on February 15, and the price went down to $116.94 by a massive fall of 12.69%. Later, the price recovered and reached $121.69 showing the upward price movement at 4.39%. On the same day however, the coin had a fall at $105.35 showing a downward movement at 13.43%. Today the price of DASH crypto is at $112.43 the rise being at 6.72%.

The currency is trying very hard to get out of the current bearish sentiment though the market volatility is too strong to withstand. Analysts are, however, positive about the future potential of DASH coin. Current investors should continue to hold on to their existing investments and think from a long-term perspective. Day traders and short-term investors should continue to maintain a cautious approach but still can make their trade investments.