ETN Moving Right and Thereby Improving the Market Position

5 years ago

ETN announced for its users that they can log back to Liquid Global, in case of deposits or withdrawals with ETN. After the software update, the block rewards have been reduced by 75% quoting ETN to be most eco-friendly crypto right now.

Price Analysis of ETN on 10th May 2019

ETN is currently trading at $0.006321 at 07:02 UTC as on 10th July 2019. The other factors contributing to the positioning of the coin are mentioned below:

  • Return of Investment: -93.31%
  • Market Ranking: 108
  • 24 Hour Volume: 496,821 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 61,494,950 USD
  • Total supply/ Circulating Supply: 9,729,042,499 ETN/ 9,729,042,499 ETN
  • 7 Day high/ low: 0.007045 USD/ 0.004435 USD


The lowest in past 5 days was seen on 6th July at 00:35 UTC time trading at 0.00000041 BTC. The value was escalated by 41.03% on 8th July at 08:25 UTC, trading at 0.00000058 BTC. Some investors might have made profit by then. But on the same day within 24 hours, the value of coin had enough fluctuations in its trading value. At 11:10 UTC time, the value was dropped by 20.17% trading at 0.00000046 BTC. Within next few hours, the value was increased again by 19.71% at 15:00 UTC trading at 0.00000055 BTC.

However, the value saw the constant drop after that. Coming to 9th July at 21:45 UTC time, the value dropped by 14.67% and the coin was trading at 0.00000047.

Prediction and Conclusion

ETN seems to be surging right as it is following the bullish attribute from quite some time now. For new traders, you must watch the trend closely if you are thinking to add ETN in your portfolio. For existing traders, they might be enjoying some profits already. You might want to hang in there as the price might rise up for some time soon.