DOGE on a roller coaster ride from past 5 days

5 years ago

BitKeep, a decentralized digital asset wallet has now added DOGE in their iOS and Android wallets. DOGE followers might get more visibility with this partnership. Let’s hope for the DOGE capitalization to increase as well.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.003071 at 07:23 UTC as on 22nd July 2019. Considering the data from past 5 days, on 17th July at 19:00 UTC, the coin was trading at $0.003089 which dropped by 12.34% on 18th July at 14:10 UTC. The coin was then escalated by 18.65% on 19th July at 01:05 UTC time with $0.003214 as the trading value. However, on the same day coin dropped by 11.7% at 13:05 UTC trading at $0.002841. On 20th July at 16:40 UTC time, the value increased by 12.9% with $0.003208 being the trading price. Yesterday, at 14:30 UTC, the value was dropped again by 9.56% trading at $0.002901. The current trading value is increased by 6% from then.

DOGE, since fluctuating in the slight bearish zone may get the potential investors to join the network and go long with their investments. However, it seems that the price might fluctuate in the bearish zone for a while. So it is better advised to watch the trend closely as of now.

For traders confused on the level of safer biding, they might want to consider the resistance level and support level after analyzing the open and close trend of yesterday.

R3: 0.00335

R2: 0.003258

R1: 0.003167

S1: 0.002984

S2: 0.002892

S3: 0.002801

DOGE Price Chart