Will Blockchain Revolutionize the Education System?

5 years ago

Education has become an integral part of our lives, and the 21st century has also welcomed a revolutionizing world of cryptocurrency along with it. Everything that we do, or we wish to do depends on our education system that we are a part of, and it is safe to say that it is what sets the bar for any country and puts in the global map. Since the last few decades, technology and science have come very far from what any of us imagined and, it has been terrific.

But what if we tell you that the combination of one of the greatest assets of the world, education and the stupendous world of blockchain might bring the massive change that none of us imagined? Yes, you read that, right! There is a positively growing curiousness around this question, and the developed countries are working at bringing us astounding results while looking at the possible effects of what would happen if two greatest powers combine.

Ways Blockchain Can Transform Education

Blockchain is defined as the public ledger, which can automatically record and verify transactions and is also known as the distributed ledger technology (DLT).

  1. No Paper Trail

This ultimately means that there will be no need whatsoever for storing paper records for years. One of the biggest benefits of combining blockchain technology with education is for evanesce of the paper trail and saves a lot of work to the admin. There are several schools and colleges that are trying to improvise on the old-school methods and adapting the modern solutions of blockchain and map out the pros and cons over time.

  1. Verify Credentials

Another transformation of such technology could mean the impossibility of faking a document since blockchain ledgers are designed in a way that can automatically verify the document that is uploaded on the platform. It can be used to check the authenticity of the document, which means that there will be less to no cases of duplicate or fake diplomas.

  1. Privacy Reasons

Privacy is becoming an understandable concern today, and the parents are worried about protecting the privacy and the details of their children. Industries have already been using the technology to protect their data and privacy, and the schools can take the same initiative with the blockchain ledger. There have been several tests carried out in the past, and the ledger has been designed stronger than ever now, and schools should take the data breach threat seriously.

Financial institutions, industries, and hospitals have been successfully using the help of blockchain in order to fight against the data breaches and protect their data and sensitive information in such cases. In a school, privacy turns to a more serious subject where blockchain can help.

  1. Tools for Education

The changes mentioned above are possible when we look at the long-term effects of this technology. But if we are to adapt to blockchain in classrooms, literally, we can also benefit from the wide array of educational tools that it would provide. There has already begun an enormous reformation when it comes to testing prep and learning with the use of blockchain platforms. Here are some of the famous platforms that help students by answering their questions and keep their progress on digital ledger.

  • TeachMePlease
  • Opet Foundation

Some of the researchers also believe that along with creating helping tools for students, blockchain technology can also be used for the ease of transformation for these kids. In the future, the roads will get congested, and it can be difficult for students with different needs to get to school, and therefore, the platform can help raise funds for that as well.

  1. Employee’s Profile

The database is so wide and full of space for information that the employers can add data about their employees on the online ledger to eliminate the need for papers and mistakes. One can add the employee/teacher’s credentials, achievements, and degrees on it. It can even be possible to add teaching hours on it for the ease of access to both the involved parties.

This way, this profile can be checked by a potential new employer who wishes to know more about the person that they might hire.

All in all, the world of blockchain and crypto world offers endless opportunities and several possible reasons for how revolutionizing it can be. However, this system is new, and not many have explored its depths so we can only imagine the wonders it could bring under the right hands. If you think you have other ideas of how education can be transformed with blockchain technology, please let us know in the comments!