AnalystQ Review 2021

4 years ago

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency renders its trading to be a risky affair, and this is the reason why most of the traders used to stay away from cryptocurrency even a few years back. The scenarios changed after online trading platforms started to enter the cryptocurrency market. The trading robots are designed with easy-to-use features keeping in mind the trading preferences of both the new and the experienced traders. AnalystQ is such an online trading platform designed for cryptocurrency trading. However, apart from cryptocurrencies, various other instruments like currency options, precious metals, energy commodities, soft commodities, etc. can also be traded on the AnalystQ platform.

AnalystQ Review - Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Software

AnalystQ Review – Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Before any trader plunges into using any of the online trading platforms, he should be well aware of its features, and also about the inherent risks associated with crypto trading. In this review, all the relevant information about AnalystQ has been covered to help the traders gain valuable insight about how this platform works, what instruments are allowed to be traded on this platform, what electronic platforms are compatible with it, what are the various types of trading accounts on it available, etc.

What are the types of instruments allowed to be traded on the AnalystQ platform?

The AnalystQ platform allows trading of various equipment like indices, bonds, ETFs, commodities, precious metals, currency options, etc. apart from Cryptocurrencies. At AnalystQ, the traders do not need to own cryptocurrencies for trading them. There are also various immensely useful crypto tools available on the AnalystQ platform that helps the traders to place trades most effectively.

As for trading currency options, there are three categories of Currency options allowed on the AnalystQ platform, namely Classic, Platinum, and VIP. Low trading prices are available only to the Platinum and VIP traders. Currency options are the most sought after foreign exchange currency market that can be traded on the AnalystQ platform. Precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium can also be traded on this platform. The fact that these precious metals continue to increase in value with time makes the trading of these precious metals more lucrative among both the new and experienced traders.

AnalystQ Reviews - Instruments available with AnalystQ

AnalystQ Reviews – Instruments available with AnalystQ

As for Energy commodities, AnalystQ offers trading of both renewable (solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass) and non-renewable sources of energy (oil, coal, and gas). The abundance of effective trading tools makes the trading of these energy commodities efficient and effective. The trade analysts at AnalystQ are very well experienced and therefore, can provide powerful insights about the trending energy commodities market to the traders, especially the new ones.

Does AnalystQ offer any digital educational resources to the traders?

There are hundreds of risks in crypto trading and any online trading platform you choose; you have to face these hurdles at the beginning. However, these risks can be waived through proper research and education about cryptocurrency trading, how the platform works, what assets can be traded, and what level of risk is associated with the trading of each class of asset.

At AnalystQ, the traders, both new and experienced, are exposed to a wide range of digital educational resources and training. It helps them to acquire the minimum trading skills and get themselves accustomed to the risks and uncertainties in crypto trading. It also trains them on how to stay away from making costly mistakes while trading. There is a wide variety of online educational courses available on various topics like leveraged cryptocurrency trading, commodity trading, stocks trading, indices, trading strategies, etc.

AnalystQ Review - Digital Educational Resources

AnalystQ Review – Digital Educational Resources

Apart from this, the AalystQ platform also sends updated news of the crypto market trends to the registered mobile numbers of the traders, so that they always remain alert about the prevailing market conditions. All the educational courses provided by the platform are flexible to suit the needs of the individual traders. Therefore, if any trader misses the opportunity to take on the courses, he can participate in short online courses and webinars that are held on the platform quite often. There are also options for personalized trading coaches if a trader wants to have a one-to-one discussion with the trade analysts at the AnalystQ trading platform.

How robust is the customer support system at AnalystQ?

AnalystQ provides an unparalleled customer service to its traders. The platform operates in a total of 170 countries, and the traders settle in any of these countries can directly connect to the customer service team via direct phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, or Telegram like instant messaging apps. These messaging apps provide a secure and end-to-end encrypted instant platform to send messages at any time of the day and get the issues resolved by trade experts of the AnalystQ platform. Telegram is a cloud-enabled messaging app that adds an extra layer of security for the traders.

AnalystQ is the first-ever online trading platform to have incorporated the Telegram app into its customer support services. There are also email Ids specific for each department, e.g. the customer support department has a separate email id; for compliance, there is also a separate email id, for trading, there is a separate email id, etc. All these email ids and contact numbers are displayed on the official website of AnalystQ. Therefore, any trader who wishes to discuss anything with any of the trade experts can do so without facing any hurdles. The customer service team is at their service all 24 hours of the day.

How to start trading on the AnalystQ platform?

AnalystQ Reviews - How does it Work?

AnalystQ Reviews – How does it Work?

To start trading on the platform, the traders first need to create an account on the AutomatiQ platform. After the account is created, the trader needs to fund his account using bitcoins only, as AnalystQ does not accept any other mode of exchange, be it a fiat currency deposit, bank transfers, or debit or credit cards. Also, the traders are required to make the payment only into the e-wallet address provided by the AnalystQ platform after the successful registration of the traders on the platform. If the fund goes to any other wallet other than the one provided by the AnalystQ platform, then AnalystQ can in no way be held responsible for the mistake, and the fund is also not refundable. After the funding is done, trades are placed automatically with the help of the autopilot.

What are the various accounts that can be created on the AnalystQ platform?

At AnalystQ, there are provisions for three accounts, namely, Primary Account, Professional Account, and AutomatiQ account. The Primary Account and the Professional Account can be further categorized into 3 tiers and 2 tiers, respectively. The 3 tiers in the Primary Account are Standard, Education, and Specialty Account. All these 3 allow for multiple asset trading. The Professional Account is further categorized into 2 tiers, namely MarginQ Account and Platinum Account.

The minimum funding requirement for each of these categories is different; e,g, for Standard Account types, the minimum funding requirement is 500 USDT, for the Education Account types it is 5000 USDT and for the specialty Account types is 25,000USDT. Likewise, the minimum funding required for the MarginQ account is 75,000 USDT, whereas the minimum funding required for the Platinum Account is 1,50,000 USDT.

The third main category of account is the AutomatiQ account that allows the traders to access the autopilot that the AnalystQ platform offers. With the help of the AutomatiQ Account, the traders are at liberty to start or stop trades at their discretion.

Does AnalystQ have trade experts to explain trading procedures to the investors?

Yes, at AnalystQ there are various trade experts in the categories of sales traders, in-house analysts, and personal relationship managers who help the traders with all the necessary knowledge and training and morph them into elite level traders. A dedicated sales trader always remains at the service of the traders, explaining them the funding strategies and providing them with regular updates regarding the current market conditions so that they can place trades profitably. In-house analysts do all the research work on behalf of the traders to predict the market conditions to help the traders find the most profitable trade. A personal relationship manager offers one-to-one support to the traders to help them evade hidden costs and trade with the utmost peace of mind. Apart from these, there are also options to undergo personal trading courses, which are more like self-training modules to build their trading skills.

AnalystQ Review - Services

AnalystQ Review – Services

Wrap Up

Therefore, if you want to see your trading skills on the high, AnalystQ is the best platform for you. From giving you powerful insights into cryptocurrency trading to commodities trading to currency options and futures trading to providing you a safe trading environment, AnalystQ serves as a one-stop trading solution for many. Having a robust customer service team at its support AnalystQ has been a very popular option for traders.


1. Is AnalystQ trading platform compatible with all modern electronic devices?

Yes, the AnalystQ trading platform is compatible with most of the modern electronic devices like iPhone, tablets, android, and web traders. For all these devices, AnalystQ has separate apps like the iPhone trading app platform, android app trading platform, tablet trading app platform, and web trader platform.

2. Is AnalystQ a Legit Broker?

Yes, AnalystQ is absolutely a legit broker. It allows the traders to trade peacefully.

3 How many trading instruments does AnalystQ offer?

A total of 5 instruments can be traded on the AnalystQ platform. It includes multiple cryptocurrencies, precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium), energy commodities (both renewable and non-renewable), soft commodities (soybeans, sugar, cocoa, cotton, coffee, etc) and currency options.

4. Does AnalystQ have a mobile app?

Yes, AnalystQ has a separate mobile app through which the traders can access the AnalystQ trading platform.