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Banxso Review – The Ultimate Guide To BANXSO

2 years ago

What is Banxso?

Banxso would not be an unfamiliar word for anyone trading assets online. But for those new to the field, Banxso is an online trading platform that hand-carries the exchange of the digital form of popular assets such as instance, forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. Banxso arranges business deals with as many as 8000 types of assets and modes of investment. Given the volume of exchange on its site, it would not be an exaggeration to state that Banxso is said to be one of the chief trading platforms in the world.

Banxso is South-Africa based trading platform that set sail to bring its trading and financial services and operations to people who are basically shut off from the opportunities available in the world economy. Banxso has widened its business network to almost all countries outside the European Union. 

Features of Banxso

When it comes to choosing the right platform to trade shares assets online, traders usually prefer fundamental peculiarities to gaudiness on a platform. Banxso, for that matter, focuses on bringing only essential features that assist traders during investment. Let us discuss some of the features offered on Banxso here:

  • Banxso has an enhanced trading chart equipped with several tools of analysis. The traders with the charts can see the real-time market fluctuations with each aspect marked distinctively from others. The options integrated into the trading chart help traders perform various actions like delegation, modification, etc.
  • One of the foremost advantages of Banxso is its multiple market support. Banxso is a regulated platform to trade in the digital form of assets like forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrency. To add more, the platform integrated these markets into a single trading account to make it easily accessible for traders.
  • The nooks and crannies of each and every operation are readily available for traders on Banxso. The transparent operations run with the motto of keeping the investors informed of the charges, unlike some platforms where the fee structure is kept hidden from the traders, especially novices.
  • The top-notch research and educational facilities of Banxso clearly need to be included under the positive features of the platform. Banxso brings world-class consultations, materials, videos, webinars from financial experts from around the world. The knowledge center of Banxso houses materials dealing with all the prominent elements of trading and investment to be used by traders.

Is Banxso a regulated broker?

As per the information found on the official Banxso website, it is clear that the platform is licensed and regulated for its operations in most countries. However, there is naturally a list of countries where the model of Banxso might be considered as being in contrast to the existing laws and regulations. The platform is authorized by the South African Financial Conduct Authority and has its operations in more than 150 countries outside the European Union.

Pros and Cons of Banxso

Pros Cons
Banxso is an integrated platform that brings the business from the forex market to even the cryptocurrency market. Even with multiple customer support options, traders have to rely essentially on live chat as the other options seem naturally limited.
The platform gives an intelligible, abridged interface to reach even commencing traders. The platform is either unauthorized or in contrast to the extant laws in several countries.
Offers multiple trading platforms to boost performance based on market specificities. The services are hindered in some countries due to the extant laws and regulations.
The traders can trade with as many as 8000 assets.
Operations are enhanced with Artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms and other analytical tools.
Banxso is a regulated platform licensed under the South African Financial Conduct Authority.

Is it safe to trade with Banxso?

Banxso has a considerable reputation as one of the most-sought after exchanges in the world. The traders increasingly prefer Banxso for its simple and efficient model to trade across platforms in a hassle-free environment. Moreover, this model is particularly intended for those just starting to trade in assets online. But simplicity is not the only concern of Banxso, because the firm takes great efforts to ensure it offers a legitimate and secure trading environment. The platform allows traders to participate in trading only after they verify the authenticity of their credentials with one of the Banxso officials. The free wallet provides a secure space for the money of traders without incurring any additional charges from banks or any other authoritative bodies. But online trading on Banxso involves the standard risks involved in common business dealings with CFD. Thus, user discretion is highly advisable while trading with any asset on Banxso.

Assets Offered for Trading

Banxso’s integrated model gives traders access to invest in multiple kinds of assets. Banxso brings together the traditional modes of investment along with the most recent development, the cryptocurrencies. Let us discuss the various types of assets offered on Banxso.

  • Forex – Banxso’s foreign exchange market is one of the widest markets available today. MetaTrader 4 is a platform exclusively created to enhance the performance and profit of the traders in the Forex Market.
  • Stocks – Stocks are the most common type of asset available for investments on Banxso. Through Banxso, traders are able to invest in prominent firms such as Facebook and more.
  • Indices – Index trading is among the most profitable investment options available on Banxso. The platform brings such good index trading deals and business associations from around the world to the traders.
  • Commodities– Commodities are the earliest type of investments to be ever made by humans and Banxso brings great deals with statistical analysis to help traders to get the best deal possible. The list of common commodities on Banxso includes, but is not limited to, gold, silver, sugar, energy, petroleum, and more.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Banxso is among the exchange platforms that have realized the phenomenal growth opportunities brought by cryptocurrencies in recent times. Intending to utilize these opportunities, Banxso is increasingly accepting trade deals based on cryptocurrencies, especially the popular ones like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and more.

Order Types

The charting and trading tools available on Banxso let traders have full charge of the assets they want to deal with. The various tools offered on the platform help traders change and modify their preferences. By making modifications and setting preferences, the traders can make use of the different order types to get the intended result. However, some of these order types might not be suitable for the skillset of the traders beginning to trade assets online. The available ones are:

  •  Market Order
  •  Limit Order
  • Stop Loss Order
  • Entry Order
  •  Limit Entry Order
  • Stop Entry Order

Account Types

Banxso has incorporated the overall elements of the trading platform into a single trading account. Through a single profile, the traders are given access to almost all the prospects of Banxso, including a variety of tools and trading platforms. A Banxso account is an all-in-one account that gives access to almost all financial and investment markets. Separate columns on the account dashboard keep buying and selling of assets just a click away from the traders.

Banxso has incorporated aspects of various types of financial accounts into a single Banxso trading account. So, the available account differences are found only between a demo account and a live account. Even though Banxso has integrated the market elements into a single account, the tools enhanced with artificial intelligence and other analytical algorithms are able to recognize the market model with much precision. Thus, the traders are given the right insights into their investments.

Demo Account

The Banxso demo account is activated as soon as the trader completes the first step towards opening a trading account. Before the completion of the subsequent steps and verification process, a demo account helps traders get familiarized with the operations of the platform. A demo account simulates the investment on different asset types from the Banxso dashboard. The traders can choose one asset from the available columns and the pips value calculator would open. The pips calculator shows the value of the asset. The value gets automatically adjusted as the traders change the value as per their preference. The demo account on Banxso is furnished with a sum of fake money, which is normally 25000 dollars, to simulate investments with precision.

Account Opening Process

Opening a trading account with Banxso is a simple and swift process. The Banxso online platform can be accessed through a desktop, mobile, or any device with an internet connection. After loading the website on their device, the traders can open an account by following the steps given below.

  • Step 1– The traders can begin the registration process by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Get Started’ button on the mobile platform.
  • Step 2– The next page would ask for preliminary details including the name and contact details of the trader along with the password for the trading account.
  • Step 3– Upon providing all the information without any errors, the trader would be given provisional control over the account, including the demo account.
  • Step 4– The traders are advised to get acquainted with the platform and trading operations before going further with the registration process.
  • Step 5– From the dashboard, the traders can access the account and complete the registration process by providing information about their location, nationality, and preferred currency type.
  • Step 6– Deposits into the wallet would be allowed only after the trader gets the account verified with one of the Banxso Account Managers.
  • Step 7– Banxso allows multiple payment methods for depositing money in the wallet.
  • Step 8– Once the verification and deposit processes are completed, the traders can switch from their demo accounts to live accounts.
  • Step 9– Now the traders can choose forex, indices, stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies to invest in live trading.

Trading Platforms

Bansxo’s understanding of the exchange market is evident from the sort of tools and instruments it offers its traders. The Banxso trading environment is well classified into several platforms to enhance the performance of trader investments. These platforms can identify the needs and problems of specific market atmospheres and provide insights on how to handle the funds.

  • MetaTrader 5
  • Mobile Platform

These are the platforms available to enhance the investment based on the attributes of the market. For example, while MetaTrader 4 offers tools and analytics specific to the foreign exchange market, the Metatrader 5 platform delivers the aspects to other platforms as well. Banxso X is the preliminary trading platform with a streamlined focus on reducing the complications of asset trading to attract young investments. Apart from enabling inter-platform connectivity, the mobile platform keeps users in control of their funds and investments.


Banxso puts tremendous effort into educating the customer base of the different markets, order types, and risks involved in online trading and exchanging of assets. Traders have an expansive range of educational materials and tools available at their disposal. Banxso offers several programs covering varied aspects of trading assets online. The following are some of the educational instrumentations available on Banxso:

  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Webinars
  • Face-to-face consultations with Banxso Financial Experts
  • Interactive videos

More importantly, Banxso takes these educational initiatives for traders free of any charge. These courses and lessons are simplified for the understanding of laymen. The materials include interactive lessons enhanced graphic data and representational images to supply easily available and accessible learning materials.

Banxso Review- Customer Support

As per the information given on the website, Banxso has highly responsive customer support in place to provide the necessary assistance that traders require. The responses are immediate and on tap, for the queries the traders bring up about their investments. The queries can be sent up either through live chat or telephone for any instant solutions or troubleshooting. Even though customer support through email is equally responsive, it might not be the optimal choice to obtain an answer for a pressing issue. It should be noted that the customer service is active for only 5 days a week for 24 hours a day.

We can conclude from the available information that Banxso is a trustworthy exchange platform focused on adding value to money and ensuring the wellbeing of traders. The transparency in the fee structure and the state-of-the-art trading tools and platforms are all the more reason for traders to choose Banxso over other trading platforms


Does Banxso support all countries?

Banxso is owned by a South African firm known as Zenfin Financial Services and licensed under the South African Financial Conduct Authority. The operations and services of Banxso are available to the residents of almost all countries outside the European Union. However, there is a handful of countries where the legal tenders might affect the operations of Banxso. These countries are Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, India, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Israel, North Korea, Panama, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, United Kingdom, Philippines, and the United States of America.

Does Banxso accept bitcoins?

Yes, users can trade cryptocurrency on Banxso. Cryptocurrency trading has been accepted as an official trading option by Banxso. At this point, cryptocurrency cannot be undermined in the list of online trading options. Evidently, several cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, have reached the summit of their market value in recent times. So, a regulated platform such as Banxso would be an optimal space for secure trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum deposit level to trade on Banxso?

Banxso does not seem to be carrying a minimum deposit policy for trading. However, the deposits may be subject to the asset the trader wants to invest in. As the asset volumes on Banxso are bought and sold in lots, there is much flexibility in investing the money in stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. There is no mandate on the minimum number of assets to be bought or the number of deposits to be made.